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The Transition - January 2012

Page 1: Customer Feature: Michael Roloff, Wanted: Your Volvo Story

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Customer Feature: Michael Roloff

1999 V70XC AWD

Family wagon packed full during a camping trip
Roloff family packed tight in the family wagon

We decided to change things up a bit for this particular feature. In the past we’ve always highlighted the shiniest, most modified cars possible for our Customer Feature segment. This time we sent out some feelers to see if anyone was interested in telling us how they use their Volvo. When we say use, we mean how does it contribute to enhancing their life? We want to feature a customer who uses their Volvo for it's practicality, utility, and reliability. We received a email from Michael Roloff. Michael Roloff has a 1999 Volvo V70XC that contributes to all the family fun they endure. We weren’t looking for a car easy on the eyes, we wanted to find out how this amazing Volvo serves its purpose for the Roloff family. Here’s what Michael had to say about why he bought a Volvo and all the wonderful things it does to contribute to making life full of adventure!

Michael Roloff writes:In 2003 we needed to upgrade to a roomier family car (my wife and I are dead set on never owning a mini van or an SUV) and with our growing family it was clear that it was time to get a bigger car. She was interested in a vehicle with a comfortable ride, sophisticated style, and I wanted something that had enough power that when you give it some gas you can feel yourself sink in the seat. Of course it also had to haul kids, get groceries, be the soccer and basketball taxi, plow through the deep winter snow for weekend skiing, and drive us around town with better than average gas mileage. It turned out that a 1999 Volvo XC AWD wagon with british racing green paint, factory roof rack, stock 5 spoke rims, and tan leather interior was the one.I find that it is a balance of a classy ride for a night on the town and "true grit" toughness in a storm. The car currently has 150k miles and although we were lucky to only have routine maintenace for many years, we have finally started to replace more significant parts. I have been known to work on my own vehicles and believe in replacing wornout parts with new upgraded parts. A few years ago I heard about IPD and since then they are my "go to guys". Recently I installed the IPD tail gate kit, new tail gate gas shocks, the spark plug coils, wire lumes, oil cap seal, both oxygen sensors, turbo control valve with new silicone hoses, turbo waste gate upgrade, the flame trap/pcv kit, and installed a Modex throttle control.My wife and I would both agree that the heated seats are our favorite feature, along with the factory roof rack which holds our space box and bike rack. One winter we purchased studded tires and counted 15 consecutive weekend ski trips to Mt. Hood. At the end of the day we would warm ourselves with the heated seats, driving through the snow and ice with the comfort of AWD and Volvo's legendary winter dependability. In the summers we pack everyone, including the dog, into the wagon when we want to camp or go for day hikes. This car fits our lifestyle both in the city during the week and out and about having fun on the weekends. This car has truly been a work horse for the family, in any weather, and we have really come to rely on this car to keep our family moving.

Thank you Michael for sharing some of your Volvo adventures with us.

Wanted: Your Volvo Story

We began featuring customers in newsletters more than usual lately and we’ve had great responses from our readers because of it. We’d like to continue to provide the Volvo community with interesting reader content so we are pleading, yes, even begging for articles. If you have a souped up 850R wagon that you want the world to know about or even if you’re in the middle of your S70 project and want to show off your progress, let us know and we’d love to feature you and your ride. If you own a V70 and have a great trick or tech tip you’ve discovered, send it on over and we’ll share it with our readers.

If one of the items on your bucket list is to be published in one of ipd’s famous newsletters, here’s your chance. Don’t deny it, you know it’s there; if it’s not, add it now and send in your story so you can check it off your list. Even if you think it’s not print worthy, that’s okay, let us be the judge of that because we still want to hear your story. Tell us about how you caught the Volvo bug, the remedies you’ve tried to get rid of it and what finally put you over the edge to finally just give up and let the bug take it’s hold.

Some pictures of you and your Volvo would be great to include along with how your experience with ipd went. It would be great to also include any ipd upgrades you’ve added and how our customer service staff treated you.

We look forward to hearing your story and the opportunity to share it with other sick Volvo lovers who have caught the same bug.

Send submissions to bryan@ipdusa.com

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, January 17, 2012 through Monday, March 05, 2012

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