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Front Wheel Drive Holiday Gift Guide

Page 2: Softloader, ECU Tunes, Intake, RIP Kit, Exhaust

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, November 11, 2011 through Saturday, December 31, 2011

ECU and Software Upgrades

Get up to a 50 HP Increase on some Turbo models! We offer several options when it comes to upgrading the ECU for more power and performance in your Volvo. Click on the links below for details or call our helpful customer service department and they can answer any questions you might have as well as clearly and quickly informing you of the upgrade options available for your Volvo.

Click on the Models below for details on upgrading the ECU for your Volvo, along with some new videos we've produced to explain the process:

850 Series (1994-97)C70 (1999-2005)C30 (2007-09)S40 (2004.5-2009)V50 (2004.5-2009)S70, V70 (1998-2000)V70, XC70 (2001-07)S70 1999-2000S80 (1999-2006)S60 ModelsXC90 Models

Short Ram Air Intake System SR5T - for all 850 S70, C70 and V70 1994-2000

Engine compartment temps on today’s vehicles are higher than ever. With hood seals, belly pans, air guides, and tight fitting power trains, the engine compartment doesn’t have the same empty space and airflow it once did. Factor in the high flow coolant fans moving radiator heat through the engine compartment and you’ve got enough heat to slow cook a pot roast. Using ambient air for engine consumption just makes sense; colder air is denser and can be matched with more fuel, which results in more power. Unfortunately many of the ‘cold air intake’ kits available today are merely a tube with a high flow filter on the end. While this is a step in the right direction major considerations are being overlooked that would maximize the gain. The ipd SR5T intake system addresses these issues for optimal performance.

ipd Short Ram Air Intake - 850, 70 series all (turbo only) - 1994-1998
ipd Short Ram Air Intake - C70 series - 1998 only
ipd Short Ram Air Intake - C70 series - 1999-2004
ipd Short Ram Air Intake - S,V70 series - 1999-2000
SAS Kit add on - 850, 70 series all (turbo only), C70 series - 1996-1998*
*Some 1996-1998 models had Secondary Air System (SAS) This filter is used in conjuction with our Short Ram Intake on vehicles that have SAS.

Reverse Intercooler Piping Kit

ipd’s new reverse intercooler piping kit (R.I.P. kit) reverses the routing of the induction tubing in turbo charged Volvo’s from 1995-1998. ipd’s kit routes the hot turbo air to the top of the intercooler and routes the cool air out the bottom. This change in routing reduces the heat that is inducted into the intercooler outlet air. Since heat rises, routing the air out the bottom of the intercooler reduces outlet temperature an average 53 degrees Fahrenheit when measured at the throttle body inlet. The ipd R.I.P. kit design is also 14 inches shorter than factory induction routing which results in increased throttle response and less boost lag. Made from only two brushed aluminum tubing pieces and 5 silicone connectors, the ipd kit is the easiest on market to install. Get the most from your turbo Volvo with the ipd reverse intercooler piping kit.

1994-98 850 series

Ipd Turbo Back Exhaust System

Ipd's new turbo back exhaust system provides the most bang for your buck as performance upgrades go. Our system includes the downpipe as well as high flow catalytic convertor, resonator mid section, rear muffler section, Ipd signature exhaust tip and all the clamps and fasteners you'll need for a seamless upgrade.

Our high flow system allows your Volvo's engine to breath easier and build more power at an earlier RPM. This means the turbo can spool up sooner and add power to the midrange where you can really use it. Made from T409 stainless steel this system will provide long lasting performance while looking good all the while. High quality V-band clamps ensure leak free operation and the superior construction means easy install for you.

Pair our turbo back system to an Ipd ECU upgrade and you can up your cars power by as much as 20%

To determine if your car has an angle flange or straight flange turbo outlet, please watch the video below from 1 minute to 1:30 seconds.

Angle flange turbo back exhaust system - 850/70 series turbo models FWD only with angle flange turbocharger
Straight flange turbo back exhaust system - 850/70 series turbo models FWD only with straight flange turbocharger

Ferrita Performance Exhaust

These systems are very similar to the TME systems we used to sell and are top quality stainless steel construction with a nice deep mellow sound at idle and cruise that comes to life with a very powerful growl when you floor it. This system is finished off with a polished stainless rolled angle tip in a tasteful 3.5” diameter. Big enough to be noticeable, but not so big it’s obnoxious.

2.5” cat-back - 304 stainless with single round 3.5” - polished stainless tip - 2 year warranty!

850 turbo*
C70 turbo 1998-2004*
S70 turbo, V70 turbo 1998-2000*
*Does not fit all wheel drive models.

ipd Hi Flow Turbo Downpipe

When Volvo owners want more power than our Power Packs (ECU and sport exhaust) offer, a race-bred turbo downpipe is the next step in the upgrade process to significantly reduce back pressure, allowing the turbo to spool up quicker and thus provide much improved throttle response, torque production and good old HP (typically in the range of 15-20 HP and 20-25 lbs/ft of torque). Exhaust tone is throatier, but not really louder.ipd downpipes utilize the highest flowing metal monolith 3-way race cat designs and incorporate high quality flex joints in the factory location to reduce vibration and stress cracking. 3” mandrel bent 304 stainless steel for highest flow capacity and long life. Oxygen sensor ports are retained as well as factory mounting points and heat shield brackets. Will pass emissions tests, but may not be legal in some states for use on cars with less than 50,000 miles on them. We are offering these upgrades for off road use only, not for use on any Federal or state highway. Downpipes include inlet and outlet gaskets, plug and play rear oxygen sensor extension harness. 1 Year Warranty.

Not sure which downpipe fits your car? Volvo used three different styles of turbocharger outlets in their models from 1994-2000. They were angle flange, straight flange, and conical flange. We do not currently offer conical flange outlet systems at this time however only a few models were equipped with the conical outlet. Fortunately all the turbo exhaust housings are interchangeable so if you do have a conical flange turbo you can change your turbo outlet housing to either a straight or angle flange and then use the correpsonding Ipd turboback system. The following information should be used as a guide only as the parts your vehicle was initially equipped could have been changed out at some point. Our recommendation is to check your vehicle to be sure you select the right part as these components are large and can be costly to reship if the wrong part is selected.

Click here for turbo flange identification help.

3” Downpipe w/ straight flange front wheel drive1994-1998 turbo
3” Downpipe w/Angle Flange front wheel drive 1994-1998 turbo
3” Downpipe w/straight flange and 4 speed auto all wheel drive1998-2000
3" Downpipe w/angle flange and 5 speed auto all wheel drive1998-2000
3" Downpipe w/angle flange and 4 speed auto all wheel drive1998-2000

2004-2007 S60R, V70R*
* For optimal results, "Stage II" software is recommended when using a down pipe on manual transmission models to prevent boost spikes (resulting in moderate hesitation during hard acceleration). Stage II software is $895 or $450 when upgrading from Stage 1.

Sale pricing valid from Friday, November 11, 2011 through Saturday, December 31, 2011

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