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Car Care - Rear Wheel Drive

Page 4: Wiper Motors, Washer Pumps and Windshield Squirters, Squirter Nozzles, Windshield Washer One Way Valve, P21 Windhield Wash Booster, 80 Piece Fuse Kit

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Wiper Motors

Have your wipers stopped wiping? Before just replacing the motor, check to see if it’s a simple fix or if there is another problem.

First, locate the motor under the hood on the passenger side firewall. A test light will help determine if there is power to the plug at the motor. If there’s power, the ground strap may be broken as the motor needs both power and ground to work. The ground strap on the original motor is a copper or brass sheet metal piece located under one of the mounting lugs. Often, the rivets fail or the strap breaks. If this happens you can often fix it by soldering it back on or making a new ground strap with wire.

If both of these check out OK you could disconnect the motor from the wiper linkage behind the glove box to see if one of the linkage transmissions is frozen. Usually when this happens it will cause the wiper cable to jump the track of the transmission.

Should all of these check out - your wiper motor is most likely the problem and will need to be replaced.

200 series 1975-93 windshield wiper motor

Washer Pumps and Windshield Squirters

Please note that the original 1975-1985 washer motor that used blade style connectors is no longer available. The later washer motor fits, but you will have to update the electrical connection to bullet style connectors

No matter what time of year, you need a working washer. If it fails, your driving vision can be greatly compromised, especially when bugs and grime show up. For safety, keep it working.

The 240 washer pump is easy to install because it simply clips to the side of the reservoir. Replace that worn out washer pump along with new blades and washer nozzles.

Washer Pumps for Front and Rear Windshields

200 series 1975-93 front (bullet connector style)
200 series wagons 1981-93 rear (bullet connector style)
700, 900, 90 series 1983-98 front
700, 900, V90 wagons 1985-98 rear

Windshield Washer Squirter Nozzles

740, 760, 780 series 1985-89
700, 900 series (left) 1990-94
700, 900 series (right) 1990-94

Windshield Washer One-Way Valve

This one-way valve prevents the washer fluid from draining back into the tank and keeps the fluid close to the spray nozzle to prevent a dry wipe. It also distributes the fluid to both of the nozzles. When these little guys fail the rubber diaphragm inside sticks closed so no fluid comes out at all. Fits 700s and 900s. Can be retrofit to any model.

One-way valve

P21 Windshield Wash Booster

If you’re struggling to see through your grimy windshield, you’ll appreciate the unique power of P21S wash booster. Take a dark night when it has just started to rain lightly. Oily road film can quickly turn your windshield into an ugly smear and weak washer fluid just won’t do the trick. Just add a bit of our P21S to that wimpy blue washer fluid and watch it take on incredible cleaning power. Driving in the worst conditions becomes instantly safe and more enjoyable. You might even find that your wiper blades last longer because they’re much cleaner, too.

High performance windshield wash is concentrated to make up to 26 quarts (that’s 6 gallons!) of powerful washer fluid. And it even smells great!

P21 wash booster (makes 6 gallons)

80 Piece Fuse Kit

Have you ever been caught shorthanded when you needed a fuse? Here’s a chance to ensure that it never happens again. This huge 80-piece assortment provides 10 each of the following hard-to-find sizes for Volvos: 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 amp. Also included is a handy fuse removal and insertion tool—all in a durable see-through storage case.

80-piece fuse kit

Sale pricing valid from Friday, October 07, 2011 through Friday, December 09, 2011

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