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The Brick Newsletter - July 2011

Page 12: ipd Sway Bars, ipd Lowering Springs, Overload Coils

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Sale pricing valid from Monday, July 18, 2011 through Friday, September 02, 2011

Why Your Volvo Needs Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts (or dampers as they are sometimes called) serve the function of absorbing energy from the suspension system of your car. When you hit a bump in the road, the spring absorbs the impact and the shocks dampen the spring motion by converting the spring energy into heat. It’s a simple but effective system.

In the process, large amounts of heat can be produced in the shocks or struts and over time, the internals will begin to wear resulting in reduced performance. This happens gradually over the course of years, so it is often not noticed until they become unsafe. Worn out dampers are unable to control suspension movement resulting in unsafe driving conditions and poor ride quality.

If you are unsure of how to assess the condition of your shocks and struts and would also like assistance in selecting replacements that will best suit your needs, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. It’s what we do.

Suspension and Steering

If your old Volvo feels loose in the suspension and you've confirmed that the shocks and springs are in good order, there are a few more things to check. Bushings, ball joints and tie rods are next on the list. Worn bushings can cause a loose or sloppy feel (not to mention creaking and clunking). Check each one for cracking around the edges and torn or missing rubber - if they look worn out, they're already well past their effective life.

Worn ball joints can also cause sloppy steering; and often make themselves known by adding resistance to the movement of your steering wheel. Dropping a ball joint quickly results in one of the front wheels disappearing into the front fender, and the Volvo will grind to a halt, crossmember to pavement.

When inspecting these parts, check the bushing(s) in your steering shaft for wear, the idler arm bushing for lateral movement (there should be none), and the tie rods. A quick test for the tie rods is to have an assistant lightly rock the steering wheel left to right while you visually check for any slop at the 'ball joint' ends. Again, there should be none.

ipd Anti-Sway Bar Kits

If you know ipd, you know that we began pioneering anti-sway bar set-ups for Volvos more than 40 years ago.

Cars continue to evolve, and handling characteristics that were once available only on high-end exotics are now commonplace. We originally developed our anti-sway bars to enhance handling performance (which they do). However, these are the same sway bars many Volvo drivers install as safety improvements. They’ll give your Volvo handling characteristics that put it in a handling class well above where it is now and get it well on its way to handling with the same panache as much sportier machinery while retaining its Volvo identity.

You won’t believe the improvement and you’ll wish you’d bought a set sooner. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who’s tried them! Satisfaction Guaranteed, period. They really are that good. THE suspension performance part for any Volvo. Anti-Sway Bars have been ipd’s best seller for over 40 years and represent the most significant return on investment of any product we sell. It’s often remarked by customers and employees alike that “If you only buy one thing ever from ipd, it should be Anti-Sway Bars for your Volvo.”

Anti-Sway Bars will drastically reduce the amount of body roll your car experiences around corners and increase ride comfort to boot. All this translates into much more precise handling and control over your Swede with absolutely zero trade-off in ride quality. All ipd safety anti-sway bar packages are built using the finest materials available, including, high memory 4140 cold-rolled chro-moly steel, lifetime warrantied polyurethane bushings and grommets and premium grade hardware. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included.

2009-05-27 - JW (Europe) "I got the 25/22 mm anti-sway bars in 2005, great upgrade. Install was easy. Stability improved and cornering much flatter. no issue with losing traction in tight corners. I had to avoid a tourist who had parked his car on a small mountain road, all went well, very predictable roadholding. I entered a Auto-X event with my 240 and i was very happy with the roadholding. No problems in the rain or on bad road surfaces either. You can feel when it starts to lose grip very easily, no surprises. Remember that these anti-swaybars are no substitute for worn shocks or other worn out suspension parts. In the beginning when i installed the bars i had a few worn out ball joints, with that stuff replaced the car is more predictable. 

This product is well worth the price!"

240 sedans - 1977-93 - 25mm front, 22 mm rear
245 wagons - 1979-93 - 25mm front, 22 mm rear
240 GT, Turbo & lowered - All - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/4 cylinder non-Turbo - 1983-86 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/6 cylinder, non-Turbo - 1983-87 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/ 4 cyl. - 1987-93 (turbo ‘83-91) - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 wagons - 1983-87 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 wagons w/ 4 cyl. & Turbo - 1988-92 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
940 sedans w/ 4 cyl. (not for SE models) - 1991-95 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
940 wagons w/ 4 cyl. - 1991-95 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
960 wagons - 1992-94 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

Sport Springs by ipd

With specific applications for sedans and wagons we've designed these springs to have a drop of about 1.75 inch in the front and 1.25 inch in the rear, giving your Volvo a more aggressive stance. The lowered center of gravity and increased spring rate work together to tighten your ride, improve handling and reduce body lean in the corners.

Combine our springs with a set of our ipd Anti-Sway Bars and your suspension is ready to handle whatever the pavement throws your way!

200 series sedan - 1975-93
200 series wagon - 1975-93
700 series sedan - 1983-95
700 series wagon - 1983-95
940 series sedan - 1991-95
940 series wagon - 1991-95
*Cars with Nivomat require shock update

Rear Overload Springs

Travel is dangerous enough without sagging or overloaded rear springs. ipd overload springs keep you riding level. They’re 20% stiffer than stock springs and they help maintain the original ride height (can raise some cars as much as 1/2”). The design assures a good ride, even when your Volvo is free of cargo. Safely increase load capacity by 300 pounds. Our overloads are commonly used as replacements for worn or sagging stock springs. Many owners that have made the upgrade report significant handling improvements.Prices are for a pair of springs.

200 sedans - 1975-93
200 wagons - 1975-93
700, 940 wagons - 1983-95*
*760 series require rear shock update. Not available for 1988-90 760, 940SE and 780 sedans.

Sale pricing valid from Monday, July 18, 2011 through Friday, September 02, 2011

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