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84592015-07-29PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIEStdrendel20 [at] gmail [dot] com
1983 b23f electric parts Dave Barton wiring harness like new. 500 miles after install car was totaled. These go for $380 on $250 for the harness CPU original in good shape $100 Mass Air Sensor original hard to find $100. $350 for everything Chicago area . Will ship you pay for shipping. 630-391.8651 please text I will get back to you thanks
84282015-07-10PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESjack8745 [at] earthlink [dot] net
. $1300 for 2.3 short block short block is a 2.3 with h-beam rods and wiesco pistons. All machine work is done. It has 0 deck height and comes with squirters and bearings as well as piston rings. Set up for turbo. Low compression. 2. $1800 for 2.7 short block short block is a 2.7 stroker. Stroker crank from RSI with h-beam rods and forged wiesco turbo pistons. Machine work is done and set up at 0 deck height as well. Comes with squirters and bearings also piston rings. all reasonable offers
84132015-07-04PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIEStallfescue [at] hotmail [dot] com
M46 transmission w/overdrive, flywheel, pressure plate and clutch disc. Came out of a 1984 240 sedan. $250 or offer. Salem area, 503-931-3205
84082015-06-28PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESclipscomb1 [at] gmail [dot] com
Need Volvo 240 power steering bracket (No A/C)
83822015-06-13PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESprincessoireland [at] yahoo [dot] com
This is the rarest early interior 240 accessory ever! Turns the lower left dash in to a hidden coin compartment. Its spring loaded and you would never know its there unless someone showed you. Great place to keep keys, coins or whatever. $350.00 shipped
83812015-06-13PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESprincessoireland [at] yahoo [dot] com
Very rare NOS 240 passenger grab handle for 75-80 dash. Everything included to install. $250 shipped
83802015-06-13PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESaquitaniacharbury [at] gmail [dot] com
(I hope my purchases are recent enough that I still qualify; I'm planning to buy some items soon anyway so please let me know if I need to do that first.) I'm not selling, I'm buying. And it's part-related but not parts. I'd like to buy information. As a commercial venture, I am compiling a database (I already built the software, and it took me years) of the fasteners and tools needed to dismantle a Volvo 240 Series in a best-guess reverse sequence of how it was built. The pay would be abysmal, not even US minimum wage, and pay would be piecework, not hourly. I'd pay either in Paypal money or in used Volvo parts. It'd be viable mostly due to the person considering it interesting work. A retired person would be ideal. I'd want to have the text, and photographs of the fasteners, and relevant parts. And the physically fasteners, mailed to me. I can elaborate later. The person would relinquish all intellectual interest in the work. The person would ideally be in the US because I have some concerns about me receiving international mailings, offending people due to culture gap faux pas, and wondering whether or not the data is relevant to a US model or not. But it's not an absolute must. Thank you!! `Tanya Charbury
83252015-05-23PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESgpatter [at] juno [dot] com
1986 240 sedan body and engine need to be reunited. Engine has 160K on it; body has 140K $1195 photos available
83172015-05-16PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESvolvo240 [at] aroundbeantown [dot] com
19 1975 - 1984 VOLVO Genuine Factory Manuals. Use to restore and/or repair. Includes: Index Sheets 0-9, New Car Features 1983 US and Canada 1983, 5 Brakes 240,260 1975-, 8 Body 240,260 1975-, 0 (03) Specifications DL,GL,GLT, GLE (Canada 1984) , Turbo, Diesel 1983-1984, 1 (17) 7,500 mile maintenance service DL,GL,GLT,Turbo, Diesel 1983, 2 (21) Reconditioning engine D20,D24 1979-19…, 2(20-29) Engine D20,D24 240 1979-19.., 3 (Group 39) Wiring diagram 1983 models, 3 (Group 39)Wiring diagrams 1982, 4 (41,45)Clutch propeller shaft 240,260 1975- ,4 (43)BW 55, AW 55, AW 70, AW 71 Automatic Transmissions 240,260 1975- ,4 (Group 43)Overdrive 1976, 4 (Group 43)Manual transmission M45/M46 1979-, 4 (Group 46) Rear axle 1976-, 6 (65) Rear wheel suspension, 240/260, DL, GL, GT, GLT, GLE, Coupe, diesel 1975-, 6 (Group 64)Power steering gears 1979-, 6 (Group 64) Steering 240,260 1975-, 6 (Groups 60,61)Front wheel suspension 240,260,8 (87) Air conditioning 240, 260 1975-, 8 (87) Climate unit (Heater unit) 240, 260 1975. Best reasonable cash offer. Shipping at actual cost via buyer preference if not able to pick up in Memphis, TN area.
83102015-05-06PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESprincessoireland [at] yahoo [dot] com
Four 14x7 et10 Laguna alloy wheels for Volvo 140/164/240 series. IPD sold these wheels but have not been available in normal distribution for a number of years. Include brand new chrome acorn lug nuts. Tires are bad. Very rare to see a 14 inch wheel come in such a wide size. Although the offset is for 1XX series cars they do fit 2XX series. No bends, curb rash, rust or damage. Excellent condition. Located in norcal. $400.00 plus shipping
83072015-05-05PARTS: VOLVO 200 SERIESjohnsargent [at] comcast [dot] net
This B230F is an L block with piston oil squirters. There is no cylinder ridge, and the factory hone marks are readily visible. I don't remember the mileage from the 1993 240 this engine came from, but the cylinder condition tells more than any odometer. $350 Contact at
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