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ipd: 50+ Years of History with the Volvo Community

Monday, January 1, 2007

Long Standing Reputation 

There are many options when it comes to buying parts for your Volvo so why should you consider buying from ipd?  

Consider this:

  • ipd is a real brick and mortar company
  • ipd has been selling Volvo parts, accessories and performance products since 1963 (technically since December 1962.)
  • ipd specializes in Volvos and we can answer questions related to your particular model.
  • ipd does not charge your credit card until your products actually ship.
  • ipd backs all our products with a satisfaction guarantee
  • ipd has an easy no-hassle return policy.
  • ipd offers value-added services like our own tech-tips and installation instructions.
  • ipd has a dedicated customer service staff ready to answer your questions
  • ipd has more than $800,000 of inventory ready to ship from our Portland warehouse

Ultimately, it comes down to service.  There are many businesses out there that have no physical location, no phone number, no stock and drop ship everything.   There are many that have impressive web stores that are handled completely by third party distributors.  These type of businesses typically don't know much about the products or brands they are selling. If you have a problem or a return, it can be very frustrating trying to contact someone for help.

ipd offers an alternative. We've been faithfully serving the Volvo community since 1963 and intend on doing so long in to the future.

Obviously, you can't just believe what we say here, so please check what the community says about us by visiting some of the Volvo Internet forums.

Competitive Pricing

To stay competitive in the community, many of the products we sell are on a cost plus basis. This means our prices fluctuate with the market, but will ensure that you always get the best price we can offer.  We continually examine the websites of our competitors and compare where we are in the market.   This also means that prices printed in our catalogs and other literature are subject to change. Our website is always current.

ipd may have slightly higher prices on some products compared with some single product line specialty businesses, but that doesn't necessarily mean we are marking up prices more than another business. Consider this: ipd specializes in Volvo. We don't sell products for every make and model car out there. A business that sells a single type of product like shocks doesn't sell anything except shocks but for many brands of cars. They get deeper wholesale discounts because of the volume they buy from a single manufacturer.  ipd can't possibly buy that much from a single manufacturer because the Volvo market simply isn't that big. We can't get the same wholesale volume discounts.  So why should you buy that product from ipd? Because we know more about the product than that large single line competitor does and will help you if you have a problem.

We always appreciate our customer's opinions about our pricing. If you see a product where our price is way out of line, please feel free to bring it to our attention.   Each product page on our site has a link to ask a question or leave a comment about the product.  Please feel free to point out pricing issues using that form.

Award Winning Customer Service

We continually strive to provide outstanding customer service to each and every customer, whether you come to us via the internet, phone, fax, or our front counter. This means employing and training people. We can't provide this level of customer service without higher operating costs than our competitors.  We may not always be the lowest priced Volvo Parts retailer out there, but we will provide quality products and our trademark service at a very competitive price.

We could have less staff and do everything on the web but then we couldn't provide anything close to the level of customer service that we believe in. We want to have people on our staff that can answer your questions and help you with product choices.


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